Many-sided work to provide information security in modern
information systems:
information security concept development;
design and implementation of complex information security systems
including access control, monitoring, external protection subsystems;
implementation of protected multiservice corporate networks;
technical support of information security systems;
integration of leading manufacture approaches in information security
sphere into enterprise infrastructure;
implementation of digital signature infrastructure in corporate
information support and consulting in information security problems.
Research and development work in system integration field, implementation and support of technologies and approaches that provide high level protection when processing, trans-mitting, storing the data and controlling the information resources.
Complex inspection of factories and organizations to estimate information security state, to estimate level of compliance with requirements of Russian and international standards.
Providing services rendering in sphere of confidential information and state security information pro-tection.
Certification testing of information protection facilities.
Photo mask generation to fabricate double-sided and multi-layer printed-circuit boards, accuracy class is 4 and 5.
Construction of double-sided and multi-layer boards and provision of design documenta-tion in PCAD 2002, accuracy class is 4 and 5 according to GOST (All-Union state standard) 23752-86.
Preparation of design documentation to special-purpose equipment in AUTOCAD and SolidWorks.
Electronic registration and storing of documentation.