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GAMMA- -̔ key managment equipment

GAMMA--̔ key producing equipment is the hardware-software complex designed to generates, supports, and maintains keys for GAMMA-M security equipment of confidential information digital channels.

GAMMA--̔ provides:

generation of key information based on random sequence for GAMMA-M equipment, its protected storing on hard disk and its loading to K16344(4);
displaying of necessary information on personal computer monitor;
generation and printout of key document labels if necessary;
registration of all operations by automatic documenting and printout if necessary;
continuous twenty-four-hour operation;
automatic check of hardware-software good working order when switching on and extended test of components using technologic software.

GAMMA-- has the following parts:

PC with operating system installed (Windows 98/2000/NT 4.0/XP);
special processor board;
random number generator and 4 programmer unit;
HP laser Jet printer;
power protection device.

Generator and 4 programmer unit

Special processor board

Complete set generation up to 30 sec.
Complete set loading to 4 up to 3 min.