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GAMMA-M1-ST key generation station

GAMMA-M1-ST key generation station is the hardware-software complex designed to provide keys for GAMMA-M1 voice cryptographic protection device (information sensitivity label up to confidential).

  • Random sequence generation based on physical noise, its improvement and statistical parameter control in accordance with given criteria;
  • Generation of key information based on random sequence for Gamma-M1 device, its protected storage on PC hard disk and its output to RIC -2 (the Russian intelligent card) key carrier;
  • Displaying of necessary service information on PC monitor;
  • Generation and printout of key document labels if necessary;
  • Automatic registration of all executed operations and printout of report if necessary;
  • Unauthorized access protection;
  • Automatic check of hardware-software serviceability when switching on and extended test of component parts using dedicated software.

GAMMA-M1-ST station includes:
  • PC with installed OS (Windows XP);
  • special purpose microprocessor board;
  • random number generator and RIC-2 key carrier programmer
  • HP LaserJet printer;
  • power supply protection unit.

random number generator and RIC-2 key carrier programmer

special purpose microprocessor board;

  • Key generation and output to RIC2 carrier up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.