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Gamma-M is a standard telephone set with integrated digital encryptor. It is designed for voice and documentary data ciphering in duplex mode with guaranteed cryptostrength and data imitation protection.
This device has two duplex communication modes: plain communication mode (it is used as a stan-dard telephone set); speech encryption and data encryption mode. (The personal computer is con-nected via asynchronous interface, speech and data can be transmitted simultaneously (RS-232C). This device functions in a public switched telephone network two-wire line in accordance with ITU-T Recommendation V.34.

The device key system incorporates:
The hard-to-compromise key for personal communication of two users.
The session key derived on public key distribution principles for each conversation.
Key set power 1077.
Network device number to 5000.
Session key lifetime 3 months.
The key is 256 bit length.
This device provides access code, security label and identification information entry when equipped with DATA-KEY element.
Information processing speed is selected automatically depending on communication channel quality and also from device control panel: 2,4; 4,8; 9,6 Kbit/sec.

This device provides the following features:
Device good state automatic diagnostic power-on test with test data indicated on device display.
Automatic cryptosecure user identification when working with analogous device.
Notebook memory to story 20 subscriber numbers.
Autodialing of called subscriber number (including subscribers from other towns).
Fast subscriber numbers dialing from phone memory in plain telephone
communication mode.
Connected call mode indication and security label indication.
Clock, calendar.
Display located on device panel indicates device status condition and modes.

Power supply:
AC 220 V, 50 Hz.
Power consumption up to 45 VA.

This device is designed for use on stationary installation and keeps its parameters at following operation condition:
Environment temperature 278 to 313 K (+5 to +40˚C).
Relative air humidity up to 98% at max 298 K (+25ºC).
Low working atmospheric pressure to 6104 Pa (450 mm of mercury column).

This device keeps its serviceability after exposure of:
High limiting environment temperature 323 K (+50˚C).
Low limiting environment temperature 223 K (-50˚C).

Mechanical characteristics:
This product is supplied in two packages the device and the network adapter.
Device dimensions 310x290x160, adapter dimensions 156x94x50.
Device weight up to 7 kg, adapter weight about 0,5 kg.
Lifetime 10 years.