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This portable medium-rate device is designed for encryption with guaranteed crypostrength of voice in-formation (confidential or related to state security) transmitted over duplex and simplex communication channels or of digital information transmitted over duplex channels at 1200 or 2400 bit/s over digital channels or voice frequency channels using PSTN modems.
It can be installed in few channel radio-relay, tropospheric, satellite stations and radio stations, it can be installed also at those places where the user is using the portable version in container.


Operation rate 1200 or 2400 bit/s
Mode of operationduplex and simplex
Communication channel typedigital, PSTN, UHF and HF radio channel using additional HF modem
Speech converter type linear predictive coder and vocoder
Length of the key256 bits
Key set power1077
ComponentsSP (digital signal processor) of type TMS320C25
Power supply 12 V, 220 V
Power consumption25 W
Dimensions of:
basic package 150 x 74 x 240 mm
VF modem150 x 42 x 290 mm
power unit 150 x 42 x 234 mm
container 392 x 161 x 407 mm
Weight (total)
Operating time to failure
12.6 kg
20000 hours