> 14, 14
   > GAMMA-M
   > GAMMA--
   > GAMMA-M1-
   > -9
   > -11
   > E-11C
   > E-42
   > E-46
   > E-47A
   > E-47B
   > E-47E
   > RPU--


Note. E14, E14A devices do not differ from each other outwardly except marking.

E14, E14A devices are designed for cryptographic protection of high-speed confidential information streams transmitted over duplex cable, fiber, radio-relay and satellite communication channels of digital mul-tiplexing systems like PCM.

Information stream parameters at device input and output:
Information kind digital information transmitted at: E14 2.048 Mbit/s
E14A 8,448 Mbit/s
Interface ITU-T G703
Cycle structure: at station side E14 - in compliance with ITU-T G704
E14-A - in compliance with ITU-T G704, G742
Data coding HDB-3
Line impedance E14 - 120 Ohm symmetric (twisted pair)
E14A - 75 Ohm coaxial cable
Input level 0 to -6dB

Encryption and key system:
Cryptosynchronization automatic when switching on or in case of communication disturbance
Key system - composition of a long-term key and of a key according to public key distribution algorithm
Long-term key life 3 months
Key length is 256 bits
Key set power - 1077
Key information download is performed using --1 small-sized portable reading device
Electronic key carrier like DATA KEY element (16343)
Built-in and independent check using loops at line side and user side